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How To Potty Train

In this How-To I will explain some tips and tricks on how to do such an amazing thing for you, your daughter, and your WALLET! Have fun.


Potty Chair
Take away the diapers! Don’t not stash them away for emergencies, or travel or even overnight wear. Sell them, donate them, whatever. Get them out of sight so they are out of mind. Do not buy pull ups. They are enablers to the codependent diaper wearing toddler, and a waste of money, and go buy some cotton panties. Let her pick them out, so they feel like a reward.

Put her on the potty every five minutes to see when she goes potty or poop. Write it down. Keep a log of her bathroom needs for 24 hours, and try to replicate it the next day. Keep track of what she drank and ate also, so you know what to expect next time she has that drink or food.

Do not scald the child for having an accident. If she does, take her by the hand and point at her accident and nicely tell her that needs to go in the potty, and show her the potty. In a couple days she should be able to put two and two together. Do not spank, hollar or yell, either. If you do, she will get scared, and will believe that going potty is bad when not wearing diapers. We don’t want that. So be patient, kind, and…. read more at above blog.


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Fun Writing Ideas!

When I write, I come across this problem every now and again. So here I will list a few things to jog your minds creativity. Make sure you have your writer’s journal, that most writer’s keep.

1. Write a paragraph containing these three words: habit, solicit, turn.
2. Write a sentence explaining your habits.
3. Write a page(250 words) on how you would describe a color to a blind person.
4. Imagine yourself in the 1920’s, and describe the scenery, time, setting, and feeling.
5. Imagine yourself as a baby, describe what you see.
6. If you were a fork, what would be your daily routine?
7. If you were a cat, how would you live?
8. Describe your view on love.
9. Describe the taste of soda pop.
10. Describe the feeling of gravel.

Have Fun!!

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